Our Clients Rely on Our Tax Team to Provide Guidance and Develop Strategies for Basic and Complex Tax Situations

Our multifaceted tax team has extensive experience in numerous fields of taxation, including corporate taxation of Canadian corporations, taxation of trusts and estates, cross-border tax, commodity tax and personal tax. In today’s global marketplace, tax considerations arise daily and regulations are constantly changing. Our clients rely on our experienced tax team to provide guidance and develop strategies for basic and complex tax situations and to identify tax saving and deferral opportunities in today’s economic environment.


  • Reducing audit stress

    Consultation with a tax expert can provide significant value when conducting a significant transaction, planning for the future or changing your place of residence. Also, in the event of a Canadian Revenue Agency  audit, our team facilitates the audit process between our clients and the taxation authorities. The stress involved with an audit can be greatly reduced with the assistance of one of our professionals who has extensive experience with tax audits in the past.

    Our U.S. tax group advises Canadian and foreign corporations on international and cross-border tax matters.  International Tax and Cross-Border Services.

    Our cross-border tax team prepares personal tax returns for Canadians who work or conduct business in the U.S. and conversely U.S. citizens who reside, work, or conduct business in Canada.  US-Canadian Personal Tax Returns.

    Our commodity tax team advises on various GST, HST and QST matters. Commodity Tax.

  • Tax Services