Welcome to the Kraft Berger Cloud Accounting Service Platform

Managing your business’ growth path is no easy task. In order to scale, your business can leverage technology to automate and streamline time-intensive administrative tasks.

With Kraft Berger’s Cloud Accounting Service, our goal is unlock your business’ potential to focus on delivering for your customers by removing the stress of managing your back-office bookkeeping, payroll and other CRA compliance-related tasks.


Process Automation

Hire the right technology to do what you previously did manually


Increase the accuracy of your record-keeping

Financial Health

Get up-to-date, relevant reports to guide your decisions


Scale-up with technology that meets emerging needs




Outsourced Bookkeeping

Full-service bookkeeping services, HST filing, and business reporting

Outsourced Payroll

Pay your staff, Manage CRA Remittances, WSIB, EHT, ROE’s & T4 preparation

Accounting Solution & Payroll Setup

Convert data from desktop systems, integrate apps and train your team

Bookkeeping Catch-up

Falling behind on your books? Our team will help you get caught-up

Bookkeeping Clean-up

Are your books a mess? Let one of our accounting professionals go to work to diagnose the situation

Bookkeeping & Payroll Training

Comprehensive role-based training on the full-accounting cycle




Here are a few of the features that cloud offers that desktop or the old shoebox can’t match.

Cloud Solutions Desktop Solutions
Create Professional Invoices
Track Sales & Expenses
Create Reports with 1 Click
Work from any device PC, MAC, Tablet, Phone Hosting $40+/MO/User
Automatically Download Bank/Credit Card Transactions Manual Process
Access For Up to 5 Users including your accountant 3-User License $60+/mo
Mobile App to Create Invoices/Snap Expense Photos X
Phone Support

$45+/MO Add On
Payroll with Direct Deposit

Manual Cheques OR Secondary Service for Direct Deposit

Integration with 400+ business apps Some integration




We thoroughly vet our technology partners and have a defined onboarding plan to get you up and running in the least amount of time possible





Are cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks secure? Here are few points about security that should provide you with peace of mind

Bank Level Encryption

Your data is protected using the same level of security as the big banks

Automated Back-ups

Backups of your data are made daily to protect you in the event of a disaster

2-Factor Authentication

Authentication ensures that it’s actually you logging in to guard against unauthorized users

Automatic Updates

Your data is constantly updated automatically to protect against emerging threats

User Permissions

Control how much or how little select staff see of your financial information

Audit Trail

Everything action is documented so that you know who made changes





Our mission is to provide effective, timely and reliable advice that you can use to make your business stronger. Let’s set up a time to speak about how we can partner to move your business’ digital strategy forward together.